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4 Skateboarding Tricks and Tips to Add to

#Lowongan 4 Skateboarding Tricks and Tips to Add to#

4 Skateboarding Tricks and Tips to Add to Your Repertoire If youre bored with the usual turns, jumps, and tricks that belong to the beginner level, and you feel that youre ready to put your skills to the test, here are 4 skateboarding tricks and tips on how to do them to add to your repertoire: Skateboarding Trick #1 Bomb Drop This is a popular skateboarding trick thats commonly performed by skateboarders although they do find a way into professional competitions as well. Basically, the bomb drop is an alternative to an ollie when tackling a drop or a flight of stairs. With a bomb drop, what you do instead is jumping with the board on your hands first then getting it to your feet when youre in mid-air. Obviously, this is not the safest skateboarding trick to practice so start with a place that hasnt too much height. Secondly, wear the necessary protective gear. Thirdly, practice your hand and feet coordination skills; youre usually given a split second alone to get your board from your hands and to your feet. Skateboarding Trick #2 Boneless One This one has been around for a long time already and at present have numerous variations already. With this skateboarding trick, you start by taking the skateboard off your feet just as you get off it as well. Afterwards, you jump with just one foot then ending by returning the skateboard to its original position (under your feet) as you make a perfect landing. Although it sounds complicated, this skateboarding trick is not that difficult to accomplish as long as youre willing to practice it frequently. The ease of doing this skateboarding trick may have, in fact, contributed to its fading appeal to skateboarders, especially those belonging to the younger generations. Nevertheless, having an old skateboarding trick such as this under your belt is always handy to carry around because youll never know when you might need to include it in your exhibition! Skateboarding Trick #3 Coffin Although the term used for this trick sounds a bit terrifying, it is once again a simple trick to perform although its definitely a step or two higher than the basic turns and curves that youve mastered while you were practicing at the beginner level. To start with, increase your speed while skateboarding. Secondly, position your body at the skateboards front area. Thirdly, take a seat at the middle of your skateboard by bending your knees and taking hold of your skateboards sides. Use both hands of course. Finally, lean back then lie prostrate on your skateboard as if you were on a coffin. Voila! Skateboarding trick accomplished! Skateboarding Trick #4 Firecracker Light the streets up with this entertaining skateboarding trick! Just like setting up and getting ready for fireworks, however, you need careful planning and precision when performing this particular trick. This fire cracking skateboarding trick involves a flight of stairs and you going downhill once more. As you go down, you can increase your speed by deliberately letting the end of your skateboard slap against each step. This slap is of course equivalent to the cracking sound of firecrackers. It wont work effectively however if you cant ensure that the sounds resemble the continuous burst of fire from firecrackers. Consistency and constancy, therefore, are the key elements to getting this trick right. There are of course more skateboarding tricks for you to learn from but for now, start with these four. Master them before skateboarding to the next level!

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